Ассоциация строителей газового и нефтяного комплексов

In accordance with industry trends, a number of largest companies operating in the oil and gas construction industry decided to unite and register & NBSP; self -regulatory organization Association of Builders of gas and oil complexes, in order to create a key sectoral self -regulatory organization.

The Association was registered in September 2009.

General Director - Apostolov Alexander Andreevich

A single multi-channel number of SRO ASGINK: +7 (495) 369-00-75.


Deputy Chief Accountant Yu.A. Kirilova Dob. 135

Control and expert management

Head of the Department V.A. Skurikhin Dob. 129

Chief Specialist A.A. Karpukhin Dob. 134

Chief Specialist A.I. Revin Dob. 108

Chief Specialist E.L. Shuvalova Dob. 133

Legal administration

Head of the Department D.A. Rogues of Koor. 123

Financial and economic management

Head of the Department L.A. Pysina Koor. 126

The chief specialist O.V. Novikova Dob. 120

Office for work with state bodies and development of NTD

Deputy Head of the Department D.V. Prokopovich Dob. 144

Chief specialist in personnel and social work L.V. Voznyakovskaya Koor. 132

Fax: +7 (495) 369-00-75 ven. 136

Email address: info@asgink.ru

Postal address: RF, 117393, Moscow, st. Trade union, house 56, 19th floor, room 55.